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About SoftFile

Located in Sacramento, Altec Systems Inc. is a privately held California corporation founded in 1988 to provide document and data management services. Since that time, the company acquired several document management service vendors. By the nineties, the company began doing business as SoftFile, in order to better identify with paper to electronic document conversion. SoftFile offers a wide array of products and services, including document imaging, data capture, plastic card printing, and mailing/fulfillment services, SoftFile provides methods to automate the filing and indexing of paper that dramatically decrease the need to search through file cabinets for a document. We develop digital applications to replace the process of finding, photocopying and faxing requests for records and information. SoftFile's solutions can eliminate the paper chase and enhance productivity by making information more readily available. SoftFile can also provide scanners, storage devices, imaging systems, scanning software, workflow software, document retrieval software and custom software solutions.

Did You Know?

SoftFile scans more than 25 million images annually.

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